Why is the Möbius strip not orientable?

I am trying to understand the notion of an orientable manifold.
Let M be a smooth n-manifold. We say that M is orientable if and only if there exists an atlas A={(Uα,ϕα)} such that det(J(ϕαϕ1β))>0 (where defined). My question is:
Using this definition of orientation, how can one prove that the Möbius strip is not orientable?

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If you had an orientation, you’d be able to define at each point p a unit vector np normal to the strip at p, in a way that the map pnp is continuous. Moreover, this map is completely determined once you fix the value of np for some specific p. (You have two possibilities, this uses a tangent plane at p, which is definable using a (Uα,ϕα) that covers p.)

The point is that the positivity condition you wrote gives you that the normal at any p is independent of the specific (Uα,ϕα) you may choose to use, and path connectedness gives you the uniqueness of the map. Now you simply check that if you follow a loop around the strip, the value of np changes sign when you return to p, which of course is a contradiction.

(This is just a formalization of the intuitive argument.)

Source : Link , Question Author : Richard G , Answer Author : Andrés E. Caicedo

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