Why does the google calculator give $\tan 90^{\circ} = 1.6331779e^{+16}$?

I typed in $\tan 90^{\circ}$ in Google and it gave $1.6331779\mathrm{E}16$. How did it come to this answer? Limits? Some magic?


The closest IEEE-754 double value to $\pi/2$ is $1.5707963267948965579989817342720925807952880859375$. The cosine of that, on standard x86_64 hardware evaluates to $6.123233995736766 \times 10^{-17}$. The reciprocal of that is $1.633123935319537 \times 10^{16}$.

Source : Link , Question Author : Gizmo , Answer Author : Casey Chu

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