When to learn category theory?

I’m a undergraduate who wishes to learn category theory but I only have basic knowledge of linear algebra and set theory, I’ve also had a short course on number theory which used some basic concepts about groups and modular arithmetic. Is it too early to start learning category theory? should I wait to take a course on abstract algebra?

Is it very important to use category theory facts in a first course in group theory, ring theory, fields and Galois theory, modules and tensor products (each of those is a one semester course), would that make it a ‘better’ course?

I was unsure to learn category theory early but this post Mathematical subjects you wish you learned earlier inspired me to ask you given my background.


Luckily these days there is a beautiful text that teaches algebra and category theory at the same time: Aluffi – Chapter 0. It deserves to be more well-known. Besides the fact that it uses (basic) category language from the outset, it is very well-written. If I would ever teach an algebra course, this would probably the text I would use.

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