What’s wrong with this reasoning that ∞∞=0\frac{\infty}{\infty}=0?


You can always break up / into the left hand side, where n is an arbitrary number. However, on the left hand side n is always equal to 0. Thus should always equal 0.


How do you know 0+0+0+0+......=0? If you think about it 0+0+0+.....=0×=0×1/0=1. (or any other number). We clearly are dealing with a value on which standard arithmetic doesn’t apply. (Hence “infinity is not a number”.)

So the question becomes what does apply and how do we deal with this? And that is not an easy/simple question. It’s not hard… but it’s not simple. Bottom line, finite rules of arithmetic do not always apply, and such instincts lead to common traps.

Source : Link , Question Author : JobHunter69 , Answer Author : Christian Westbrook

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