What are the numbers before and after the decimal point referred to in mathematics?

Sorry for asking such a basic question – but is there an actual term for the numbers that appear before and after the decimal point? Example:


I know the 1 is in the tenths position, the 8 is in the hundredths position. are there singular terms which apply to all of the numbers that appear both before and after the decimal point?

I’m building a billing system, storing dollars and cents as integers (in separate columns), but for other currencies “dollars” and “cents” are not the correct terms = ). Thanks!


There are two terminologies that I’m familiar with. Sometimes, the part to the right of the decimal (cents) is called the mantissa, and the part to the left (dollars, in your metaphor), is called the characteristic.

But I also like the generic terms integer-part and fractional-part. It’s what I and those with whom I do research call them (who uses the word mantissa routinely? not me, but perhaps someone). Yes, I know the fractional part doesn’t actually have to be a fraction, but that’s just something I toss into my big bag of math vagaries.

Source : Link , Question Author : Calvin Froedge , Answer Author : hippietrail

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