What are the names of numbers in the binary system?

The names we use are very much related to the radix we use


zero – one – two – three – four – five – six – seven – eight -nine

We repeat the names

21 twenty one, 22 twenty two .. and so on.

This is not suitable for binary system

If we used the same nomenclature




This is very hard to read and write

Maybe if we used something else it would be very convenient something like:



11Watson John


101Kevin John

110Kevin Watson

111Kevin Watson John

and so on ..

Is there any official nomenclature? or should I make it up myself?


The names we use are very much related to the radix we use

Etymologically, perhaps, though with some exceptions and inconsistencies as noted already.

The more important point, however, is that the names are used to denote the numbers themselves, not some particular representation of them.

Take for example “two plus three equals five“. That’s a statement about numbers, which holds true regardless of their representation. All of 210+310=510 in decimal, or 102+112=1012 in binary or II+III=V in roman numerals represent the same statement “two plus three equals five“, and there is no need for different words to describe it depending on the representation.

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