The Best of Dover Books (a.k.a the best cheap mathematical texts)

Perhaps this is a repeat question — let me know if it is — but I am interested in knowing the best of Dover mathematics books. The reason is because Dover books are very cheap and most other books are not: For example, while something like Needham’s Visual Complex Analysis is a wonderful book, most copies of it are over $100.

In particular, I am interested in the best of both undergraduate and graduate-level Dover books. As an example, I particularly loved the Dover books Calculus of Variations by Gelfand & Fomin and Differential Topology by Guillemin & Pollack.

(P.S., I am sort of in an ‘intuition-appreciation’ kick in my mathematical studies (e.g., Needham))

EDIT: Thank you so far. I’d just like to mention that the books need not be Dover, just excellent and affordable at the same time.


Pinter’s A Book of Abstract Algebra is a great introductory text!

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