Recommended Textbook to prepare for Exam P

Could anyone recommend a good textbook to prepare for the actuarial Exam P? I’m looking for a textbook that explains concepts clearly, provides detailed proofs, and gives difficult questions that are similar to or reflect the difficulty of the questions on Exam P. I used mathematical statistics and data analysis by John Rice and it … Read more

Prerequisites for Teichmuller Theory

What kind of prerequisites would be required for [Inter-Universal] Teichmuller theory or at least the closest generally known area near Mochizuki’s work? (Starting from undergraduate math). I’d assume something like this – though of course I don’t know enough to say myself or I would not be asking.I’m writing these as more modules than subjects, … Read more

Looking for a specific reference, which is used in the book “Lectures on Advanced Computational Methods in Mechanics”

I need this book “Lectures on Advanced Computational Methods in Mechanics”, unfortunately I did not find it in the library of the university .If someone has it, I just want to know the reference [61] used in this book.Thanks. Answer Actually there is a preview on Amazon. It says [61] J.H. Bramble ‘A proof of … Read more

Book on homogenization of PDEs

I am currently searching for a nice book to read about homogenization of pde’s (elliptic, parabolic or hyperbolic). I have found this one but I think I could use another opinion. Thank you in advance Answer Here are some useful books/lectures on homogenization theory: [1] G. Allaire, Homogenization and two-scale convergence SIAM J. Math. … Read more

Axiom of Choice in Mathematical Analysis

I’m an undergraduate student and I’m looking for a book, suitable for self-study, that “explains” the applications of the axiom of choice in mathematical analysis. I’m not familiar with the axiom of choice, so I’d prefer a beginner-level book. If anybody could help me with this, I’d be grateful. I really don’t know where to … Read more

Recommend Books Containing Algebra Problems with Answers?

I’m a Medical Intern. I like my job but i’m not crazy about it. I Always Liked math at High School. Please Recommend me Books or eBooks Containing Algebra Problems so i can Play between Shifts. My Back Ground : It’s been years since i solved a Math problem But I do programming (C#, Java) … Read more

Nonlinear dynamics book for self study

I have to learn basic nonlinear dynamics on my own for a project, and I’m trying to find a text that could serve the purpose. I’m in search of something not that cryptical, maybe easy to read, but at the same time precise and exhaustive: I found the Strogatz book too dispersive for instance… Anyone … Read more

Basic algebra tricks reference

I’m studying math on my own and never had university math training. I’m able to read undergraduate math (baby Rudin Analysis, Linear Algebra Done Right by Axler). Moreover, I can write proofs on most of what I read. One problem, I’m not “comfortable” with basic or school algebra “tricks”. For example: a3+b3=(a+b)(a2−ab+b2) a′b′−ab=(a′−a)(b′−b)+a(b′−b)+b(a′−a) While they … Read more

Suggestions of books more complex than Spivak and Apostol for Calculus 1? [closed]

Closed. This question is opinion-based. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it can be answered with facts and citations by editing this post. Closed 2 years ago. Improve this question I’ve been using Apostol and reusing until got satisfied, I’ve done the same with Spivak, and … Read more

How can I deepen my knowledge in Mathematics without getting a degree in Mathematics?

I’m an undergraduate student, I’m pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering. I had some exams about Mathematics (calculus 1/2/3, probability and statistics, algorithms and data structures, complex functional analysis). While I don’t want to become a researcher/professor (I would like to be a Software Engineer) I also love Mathematics, and I feel like I … Read more