Scaling Yetter–Drinfeld Modules

A braided vector space is a pair (V,σ) consisting of a vector space V, and a linear map σ:VVVV, satisfying the Yang–Baxter equation. Ee can scale the braiding by λC to produce a new braiding λσ.

Given a Yetter–Drinfeld module (V,,δ), a braiding is given by
σ:VVVV,       vwv(1)wv(0).
As above, scaling this braiding again gives a braiding – however it does not come from any obvious rescaling of the Yetter–Drinfeld module. Is their some clever way to scale (V,,δ) so that its asociated braiding is λσ?


Source : Link , Question Author : Nadia SUSY , Answer Author : Community

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