Review of my T-shirt design [closed]

I’m a graphics guy and a wanna-be mathematician. Is the T-shirt design below okay? Or if there’s a bone headed error, I’d appreciate a heads up.

Pi squared over twelve



I would try and optimize the sum at the bottom a bit. Definitely we need parentheses around the 1, but just throwing them in will cause a bit of a mess:


Plus, math that’s not typeset well already gives me a less-than-stellar vibe; I’m not a huge fan of the font there.

Instead, you could rewrite the sum a bit, if you have the space for it. The version below takes up only slightly more vertical space than the Sigma, if vertical space is a concern. It’s a bit less cluttered, and LaTeX’s job (technically Mathjax here) is to make sure the typesetting is as good as possible.


Source : Link , Question Author : HopDavid , Answer Author : pjs36

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