Reference request: sheaf-theoretic operations in the classical topology?

Like many graduate students before trying to learn something about étale cohomology and Deligne’s proof(s) of the Riemann hypothesis part of the Weil conjectures, I am hunting for references detailing basic sheaf-theoretic operations in the classical topology.

Here are some sources I found so far which discuss this, some of which by way of wise words of Bhargav Bhatt and Matt Emerton somewhere online.

  • Freitag and Kiehl’s book on étale cohomology and the Weil conjectures.
  • Milne’s book on étale cohomology.
  • Kashiwara and Schapira’s book on sheaves on manifolds.
  • Borel’s book on intersection cohomology.
  • Last but not least, notes from Conrad’s seminar on Deligne-Laumon.

But there’s gotta be more! Specifically, I would appreciate pointers towards perhaps some sources penned by some more recent and younger “masters” — although notes from Conrad’s seminar pretty much fit this bill. But really, just suggest your favorite source that hasn’t been listed yet, and perhaps give a reasoning what value it has over the ones I have listed already.


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