Recommendations for Numerical Analysis texts?

I’m in a numerical analysis course right now and it’s pretty rigorous but I’m enjoying it a lot. I took a lower level course before that was more oriented towards implementation of numerical methods, so it’s not my first time with the material.

Anyway, my professor wrote his own course notes and they’re fantastic but I wanted some reference material since I’m currently outlining my own notes. Just wondering what the big ones out there are

edit: I would say I’m at an advanced undergraduate level


Not sure what level you are looking for, but you might have a look at:

  • Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers, R. W. Hamming
  • Analysis of Numerical Methods, Isaacson and Keller
  • Numerical Mathematics and Computing by E. Ward Cheney and David R. Kincaid
  • Numerical Analysis, Burden and Faires
  • Theoretical Numerical Analysis: A Functional Analysis Framework, K. Atkinson, W. Han

The first two are Dover books, so the price is great, the last two are lots of dough. I do not have the last one, but it looks worthwhile checking out. The others I refer to often.

I think you can peruse them all online.

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