Prove that exist bijection between inverse image of covering space [duplicate]

Let B be path-connected and p:EB covering map (with E as covering space). Prove that a,bB exist 1-1 injection correspondence between p1(a) and p1(b)

I thought somehow taking the path between a to b and take on that the inverse means p1(γ(t)) but that’s not well defined. How can I prove that?


I really like this proof because it uses a pretty neat trick:

Declare an equivalence relation on B by saying ab if there exists a bijection between p1(a) and p1(b). Try to prove that the equivalence class [x] of xB is both open and closed. Since B is path-connected (and hence connected), this implies that [x]=B, which completes the proof. To prove that [x] is open, use the definition of a covering map. To prove it’s closed, use the fact that the equivalence relation creates a partition of the set.

The set p1(x) is often called the fiber above x, and this result is often stated by saying that all the fibers have the same cardinality.

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