Non-textbook Math book recommendation to read to my kids

I’m looking for a book to read to my kids.
NOT a kids book, but not too mature for a kid. My youngest kid that reads with me is 6 and the eldest is 10.

I’m looking for a book that is good literature, and is hard to put down.
Also maybe a book that makes the subject in school more interesting. Not just tedious memorization, but presenting it in a way that makes the child excited about what he/she is learning. And not a book that teaches the subject, (math etc….) but a book that teaches how it got started or why it’s important.

Are there any books like these you that you have read that made you excited about math? If so please tell me.


When I was a child, I really liked the book The Number Devil by Hans Magnus Enzensberger.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jeremy Campbell , Answer Author : Community

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