Is there any difference between mapping and function?

I wonder if there is any difference between mapping and a function. Somebody told me that the only difference is that mapping can be from any set to any set, but function must be from R to R. But I am not ok with this answer. I need a simple way to explain the differences between mapping and function to a lay man together with some illustration (if possible).

Thanks for any help.


I’m afraid the person who told you that was wrong. There is no difference between a mapping and a function, they are just different terms used for the same mathematical object. Generally, I say “mapping” when I want to emphasize that what I am talking about pairing elements in one set with elements in another set, and “function” when I want to emphasize that the thing I am talking about takes input and returns output. But that’s just a personal preference, and there is no convention I’m aware of.

Source : Link , Question Author : Hassan Muhammad , Answer Author : Community

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