Is arrow notation for vectors “not mathematically mature”?

Assuming that we can’t bold our variables (say, we’re writing math as opposed to typing it), is it “not mathematically mature” to put an arrow over a vector?

I ask this because in my linear algebra class, my professor never used arrow notation, so sometimes it wasn’t obvious between distinguishing a scalar and a vector. (Granted, he did reserve u, v, and w to mean vectors.) At the same time, my machine learning class used arrows to denote vectors, but I know some other machine learning literature chooses not to put arrows on top of their vectors.

Ultimately, I just want a yes or no answer, so at least I do not seem like an immature writer when writing my own papers someday.


A sign of mathematical maturity is the awareness that truth is invariant under changes of notation.

Source : Link , Question Author : hlin117 , Answer Author : Rob Arthan

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