Is $ 0.112123123412345123456\dots $ algebraic or transcendental?

Let $$x=0.112123123412345123456\dots $$
Since the decimal expansion of $x$ is non-terminating and non-repeating, clearly $x$ is an irrational number.

Can it be shown whether $x$ is algebraic or transcendental over $\mathbb{Q}$ ? I think $x$ is transcendental over $\mathbb{Q}$. But I don’t know how to formally prove it. Could anyone give me some help ? Any hints/ideas are much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any replies.

My Number:

$$x=0.\underbrace{1}_{1^{st}\text{ block}}\overbrace{12}^{2^{nd}\text{ block}}\underbrace{123}_{3^{rd}\text{ block}}\overbrace{1234}^{4^{th}\text{ block}}\dots \underbrace{12\dots n}_{n^{th}\text{ block}}\dots $$
where $n^{th}$ block is the first $n$ positive integers for each $n\in \mathbb{Z}^+$.

(That is the 10th block of $x $ is $12345678910$; The 11th block is $1234567891011$; … )


Obviously, it can be outputed by Turing Machine in real time. Thus under the Hartmanis-Stearns conjecture, it is a transcendental number.

Source : Link , Question Author : ASB , Answer Author : XL _At_Here_There

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