How long will it take Marie to saw another board into 3 pieces?

So this is supposed to be really simple, and it’s taken from the following picture:

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It took Marie $10$ minutes to saw a board into $2$ pieces. If she works just as fast, how long will it take for her to saw another board into
$3$ pieces?

I don’t understand what’s wrong with this question. I think the student answered the question wrong, yet my friend insists the student got the question right.

I feel like I’m missing something critical here. What am I getting wrong here?


Haha! The student probably has a more reasonable interpretation of the question.

Of course, cutting one thing into two pieces requires only one cut! Cutting something into three pieces requires two cuts!

——————————- 0 cuts/1 piece/0 minutes

—————|————— 1 cut/2 pieces/10 minutes

———|———–|——— 2 cuts/3 pieces/20 minutes

This is a variation of the “fence post” problem: how many posts do you need to build a 100 foot long fence with 10 foot sections between the posts?

Answer: 11 You have to draw the problem to get it…See below, and count the posts!


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