How does a non-mathematician go about publishing a proof in a way that ensures it to be up to the mathematical community’s standards? [closed]

I’m a computer science student who is a maths hobbyist. I’m convinced that I’ve proven a major conjecture. The problem lies in that I’ve never published anything before and am not a mathematician by profession. Knowing full well that my proof may be fallacious, erroneous, or simply lacking mathematical formality, what advice would you give me?


I’m convinced that I’ve proved a major conjecture.

You are almost certainly mistaken. I say this on purely probabilistic grounds, so don’t get upset even professional mathematicians are sometimes mistaken about their own ‘proofs’, and amateurs almost always.

I suggest you tell us what this major conjecture is, and post a link to your proof (or just post it here, if it’s short enough). This is enough to establish your priority, if you are worried about somebody stealing your proof. Then the sharks of MSE can devour it.

PS Your proof will probably be more favourably received if it is nicely formatted, using LaTeX.

Source : Link , Question Author : Balbanna , Answer Author : TonyK

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