How can a piece of A4 paper be folded in exactly three equal parts?

This is something that always annoys me when putting an A4 letter in a oblong envelope: one has to estimate where to put the creases when folding the letter. I normally start from the bottom and on eye estimate where to fold. Then I turn the letter over and fold bottom to top. Most of the time ending up with three different areas. There must be a way to do this exactly, without using any tools (ruler, etc.).


Fold twice to obtain quarter markings at the paper bottom.
Fold along the line through the top corner and the third of these marks.
The vertical lines through the first two marks intersect this inclined line at thirds, which allows the final foldings.

(Photo by Ross Millikan below – if the image helped you, you can up-vote his too…)
Graphical representation of the folds

Source : Link , Question Author : Nicky Hekster , Answer Author : Jaydles

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