Express 99 2/3% as a fraction? No calculator

My 9-year-old daughter is stuck on this question and normally I can help her, but I am also stuck on this! I have looked everywhere to find out how to do this but to no avail so any help/guidance is appreciated:

The possible answers are:

$1 \frac{29}{300}$


$9 \frac{29}{30}$


$1 \frac{299}{300}$

Whenever I try this I am doing $\frac{99.66} \times 100$ is $\frac{9966}{10000}$ and then simplify down, but I am not getting the answer. I get $\frac{4983}{5000}$? Then I can’t simplify more — unless I am doing this totally wrong?

Hello All – just an update – I managed to teach this to her right now, and she cracked it pretty much the first time! Thanks sooooooo much for the answers and here is some of the working she did:

Enter image description here


You can almost eyeball this, which is a useful technique for dealing with multiple choice quizzes against the clock.

If 100% = 1, then you’re looking for a fraction slightly less than one. That lets you rule out all but two of the answers. How much less? A third of a percent. One percent is 1/100. Divide that by three to get 1/300. That points you at 299/300 being the answer.

Source : Link , Question Author : lara400 , Answer Author : pjc50

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