Explain this mathematical meme (Geometers bird interrupting Topologists bird)

My knowledge of geometry is just a little bit above high school level and I know absolutely nothing about topology. So, what is the point of this meme?

meme about birds "talking"

(Original unedited webcomic: “Juncrow” by False Knees)


The topologist bird is stating some nice simple topological concepts. The geometer bird comes along and interrupts the topologist bird, squawking loudly over the top with something much longer, more complex-looking and uglier, involving iterated partial derivatives, multiple nested subscripts and superscripts, and so on. The topologist bird looks pissed off.

The meme was probably made by a topologist, in a frustrated attempt to convey “why do geometers always overcomplicate things?” or “why is geometry so ugly?” or “why do geometers always talk over topologists?” or something along those lines. (As in most memes, this probably isn’t an entirely fair reflection of reality.)

I imagine a geometer could make a meme in reverse that implied “why do topologists always take nice things like doughnuts and turn them into coffee cups and start calculating their cohomology?”.

I don’t think there’s anything deep going on here. The contents of the speech bubbles don’t actually mean much as sentences. They’re just some common expressions that you find in topology and geometry respectively, thrown together.

Source : Link , Question Author : Hanlon , Answer Author : Billy

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