Dividing 100% by 3 without any left

In mathematics, as far as I know, you can’t divide 100% by 3 without having 0,1…% left.

Imagine an apple which was cloned two times, so the other 2 are completely equal in ‘quality’. The totality of the 3 apples is 100%. Now, you can divide those 3 apples for 3 persons and you will get 100% divided by 3 and none left.

Is this because 1: mathematics is not real 2: there is no 1 or 2, and it’s in fact just an invention for measurements? So, in the division of 100% by 3 WITHOUT any left, is NOT accurate?


So in mathematics, as far as I know, you can’t divide 100% by 3, without having that 0,1..% left….

No! we can in Math and also in real life. This is similar to ask can we divide 1 into 3 parts? And the answer is again yes. 1÷3=13 because adding 13 three times give 1.

Consider 3 sticks of same length. Align these three sticks and call the total length as 1 unit. Now the length of any of the individual stick is exactly 13 unit.

Moreover you can use the number system having base 3 to remove the (apparent) incompleteness of the base-ten expression 1÷3=0.333333333… In the number system having base 3, the number ‘3’ itself will be written as 10 and the number 1 as it is.

The division 1÷3 is now 1÷10 which is equal to 0.1. so you see writing (in base ten) 100÷3=33.333333 does not mean that we cannot divide 100 into three equal parts. What it means is that we are using a number system having 10 base so we cannot write 1003 in decimals.

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