Where can I find maths papers to read such as proofs of theorems or progress on the twin primes conjecture?

I am trying to start reading up on maths proofs, nothing specific, I am just interested to see how people have proved famously difficult maths problems such as fermats last theorem or progress on the twin primes conjecture which are just two I have in mind initially. But the problem is I don’t know where … Read more

What kind of definitions need be introduced in a PhD thesis? [closed]

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How should someone release their proof to the world? [closed]

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How do mathematicians know when writing papers if their results have already been proven or are special cases?

How does a mathematician know if what they are trying to show or what they are working on has already been shown by someone else, or has already been extensively studied etc.? What if instead someone has already proven a much stronger result, for which their result is just a special case so though while … Read more

Are there questions in Miklos Bona’s “A Walk through Combinatorics” that are unsolved?

I am trying to figure out what exactly is meant by the line (in the preface), “The difficulty level of an exercise with more than one + sign may be comparable to an independent publication.” Can you publish a paper on any of the exercises? Are any of them unsolved? (Also, I doubt I’m using … Read more