Baby/Papa/Mama/Big Rudin

Recently, I was looking for the reviews of some Analysis books while encountered terms such as Baby/Papa/Mama/Big Rudin. Firstly, I thought that these are the names of a book! But it turned out that these are some nick names used for the books of Walter Rudin. So I was thinking that

1. What are the corresponding books of these nick names?
2. Why such nick names are chosen? or What are their origins?


In order to sum up the above comments, the corresponding books for these nick names are

1. Baby = Principles of Mathematical Analysis;

2. Papa/Big = Real and Complex Analysis;

3. Grandpa = Functional Analysis;

and it seems that the difficulty of contents of the books grows with the age of the nick names! Firstly, you are a baby and things are easy to handle. Then you grow up and become a papa and things get more complicated. Finally, when you are a grandpa you should take care of your legacy very carefully which needs a hardwork! So 1 is a prerequisite of 2 and 2 is prerequisite of 3.

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