Are prime gaps of even index essentially larger than those of odd index?

Let $g_{n}:=p_{n+1}-p_{n}$ be the $n$- th prime gap, and let’s introduce the following summatory functions:
$$G_{1}(x):=\sum_{1\leq n\leq x}g_{2n-1}$$
$$G_{2}(x):=\sum_{1\leq n\leq x}g_{2n}$$.

Let’s now write $\mathcal{G}(x):=\sum_{k\leq x}\left(\dfrac{G_{2}(k)}{G_{1}(k)}-1\right)$.

Does this last series diverge? Converge towards a positive constant?

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Source : Link , Question Author : Sylvain JULIEN , Answer Author : Community

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